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11th Nov 2015

Tinder Promises You ‘More Matches’ With New App Updates

You're about to feel a LOT more popular.


If you’re looking for love online, but feeling like a match-free zone, Tinder’s latest app updates could be the answer to your woes.

The company is set to make changes to its algorithm, which promises to “significantly increase” the number of potentials spying your profile online.

According to Mashable, the new algorithm metric will mean Tinder look at a broader range of data when it detects which profiles it should match-up as potential partners.

The result?

Not only will you have more options, you’ll likely be more compatible with the people you do come across.

Speaking to Mashable, Tinder CEO Sean Rad explained:

“We are looking at more data signals and, with machine learning, we are getting smarter at optimizing those signals when we’re looking at relevance for individuals.”

Rumoured information to be included in your scoping schedule will be the addition of job and education information – which means if you’ve been to the same school or college as the match, you’re more likely to stumble across their profile.

Included in the update will be a redesigned messaging section – with your list of matches separated into those you’ve chatted with and those who remain frustratingly silent on the conversational front.

The moves come following the Super Like feature where people can show some extra TLC and attention to a match on the app.

We’ll just sit and wait for those matches to flock in…