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03rd Jan 2013

Time to Log Off? Two Teenagers Drug Parents So they Can Go Online

Two teenagers from California wanted to go online, so they decided to drug one of the girls' parents. We're not even kidding...

Is this taking internet addiction to an entirely new level? Eh, we’re inclined to say yes. Two teenage girls from California are being accused of getting around a late-night internet ban by drugging one of the girls’ parents. Seriously.

The Guardian reports that the mother and father of a 16-year-old shut off the internet in their home at 10pm every night. Naturally enough the teen wasn’t pleased with this curfew, so she enlisted the help of her friend to find a way around the ban.

According to reports, the teen offered to go to a nearby fast-food restaurant with her friend and buy her parents some milkshakes. However, unknown to the parents, the teenagers then laced the milkshakes with ground-up sleeping medication.

The police stated that the parents thought the milkshakes tasted funny and stopped drinking them, but after an hour they fell asleep and the girls got back online. The parents woke up at 1am with hangover-like symptoms.

Curious about the symptoms they were experiencing, they decided to buy a drug-testing kit from the local police station. When the results came up positive, they promptly marched their daughter downtown.

The girls spiked the milkshakes that they had brought home for the adults

Speaking about the incident, Lieutenant Lon Milka said that detectives were still investigating how much medication the teens had used in the milkshakes.

While laws in California limit how much information can be revealed about juvenile cases, Lieutenant Milka said that the girl’s parents had “developed enough information in order to bring their daughter down” to the police station.

The two girls have been charged with wilfully putting a pharmaceutical into food and conspiracy. A child therapist who spoke to reporters following the incident stated that while it’s good for teenagers to express their individuality, drugging your parents “would not be a healthy level of rebellion.”

Hmm… you can definitely say that again!