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13th Nov 2021

A TikTok mum shares life tips for people who doesn’t have a mum in their lives

Trine Jensen-Burke

“Things Your Mom Might Not Have Taught You.”

When it comes to valuable need-to-know life lessons on anything from how to fold a fitted sheet or wash my hair, to how to be a mother to my children, my mum has taught me pretty much everything I know.

She is my best friend, my life coach, my parenting guru, my financial advisor (my dad steps in here too) – and honestly, I would be lost without her in my life.

However, we are not all lucky enough to have mothers like mine. Some have loving mothers but lose them far too early. Others have mothers who were not cut out to mother, and hence are not a bit part of their lives. Others have toxic mothers who they cannot – for their own mental health and wellbeing – have in their lives.

Whatever the reason, being without a mother or mother figure means you are missing out on so much. Who do you turn to for advice on how long to roast potatoes so they end up the perfect level of crispness? Or how to potty train your toddler? Or even things like how to separate laundry, shave your legs, bake muffins, change the showerhead, deal with bullies, make a budget, mend a tear in your new dress?

Mums are fountains of knowledge, and if you don’t have one, you don’t have one to turn to for things like this.

And this is the exact reason 30-year-old California mum-of-two, Eva Barda, started her TikTok series “Things your mother might not have taught you.”

@eva_feevaside note: also great for puppet shows ##easycleaning ##easycleaningtip ##cleaning ##cleaningtip ##cleaningtok ##cleaningtools♬ In These Arms – The Swell Season

In an interview with Bored Panda, Barda reveals that the TikTok channel started out as something ‘fun and silly’, where she was just sharing a bunch of life tips and tricks she herself had learned.

@eva_feevaside note: also great for puppet shows ##easycleaning ##easycleaningtip ##cleaning ##cleaningtip ##cleaningtok ##cleaningtools♬ In These Arms – The Swell Season

However, the mum-of-two soon realised her videos made a huge impact on so many people, and after people started reaching out to her telling her that, she was really motivated to continue doing what she was doing.

@eva_feevaHere are some things that can help, but please don’t be afraid to reach out, I have some resources at the end. YOU ARE NOT ALONE ? ##mentalhealth♬ Wild Horses – Susan Boyle

“My first video was on how to fold a shirt,” Barda explains.

“I thought it could make a cool series, on just everyday things that people may not know.”

The TikTok-er explains she “is so touched and connected to the series right now.”

She reveals:

“The feedback has brought tears to my eyes hearing everyone’s journey. Many of my followers have had their mother pass away, been abused, in foster care, etc. I am just so touched to be able to make an impact or help any of these sweet people at all.”

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Barda explains that many of her followers were never taught basic life skills, or have had to figure it out along the way.

“I am so happy to be able to help fill in any of those gaps. My heart is so big for all of my followers.”

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