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09th Jan 2014

Thought The Weather Was Bad Here? Well, It Rained Bats In Australia

Tens of thousands of bats have fallen from the sky in Queensland, Australia after what the RSPCA is reporting as a “catastrophic” heatwave.

According to the Independent, the charity is estimating that 100,000 bats could have died from heat exhaustion.

Spokesman Michael Beatty: “The heatwave was basically a catastrophe for all the bat colonies in south-east Queensland.”

“That’s obviously going to have a pretty disturbing impact on those colonies and those colonies are vital to our ecosystem.”

The extreme heat in Australia, which has seen record temperatures of 48C since Christmas, has also affected other birds and animals including kangaroos, emus and parrots.

Below is a video taken by a man who came across about 1,000 bats.