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22nd Dec 2015

This Poor Chap Got the Fright of His Life In a Donegal Pub

Lesson learned: do not snooze in your local

Cassie Delaney

Poor Juicy.

Looks like Adrian Byrne has fallen victim to the wrath of his prankster friends once more. Last year a video of Adrian, known affectionately as Juicy, went viral when his friends aggressively woke him up on a bus trip.

And this week the poor chap was trying to catch 40 winks after a few bevvies in the John the Miners Pub when his friends shocked him again. While we feel your pain Juicy, it’s a pretty hilarious reaction.

Lesson learned: the pub is not the best place for a snooze.

Thanks to Lavina Walls for sending this our way. If you spot anything weird or wonderful get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or an email to [email protected]