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19th May 2016

This picture of an injured dog reveals a common problem

With the sun shining and summer spirits high, it’s understandable that we’d all want to flock to the beach or to the fields with a few mates and few cans.

And while it’s all in good fun, one reader has pointed out there can be major consequences for our furry friends. Reader Amanda Cassidy got in touch with us to share this image of her young dog in a cast and explains:

“This is Charlie my golden retriever and time and time he gets cuts from glass bottles left out on the street. As much as we try to avoid it can be difficult at times”

The photos show Charlie having his paw bathed after a particularly nasty cut after a walk in Rathcoole.


Amanda herself understands it’s summer time and litter is inevitable.

“I just want to urge people to think about our four-legged friends before they smash bottles in our street,” she says.

So next time you’re out basking in the sun or enjoying a few beachside bevvies, remember to pick up your leftovers and protect our little puppies.

Thanks to Amanda for sending this our way. If you spot something you’d like us to talk about please drop  a mail to [email protected], mail us on Facebook or drop us a line on Twitter.