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19th Jan 2016

This Office Had The Best Idea To Combat The January Blues

That's some effort.

Laura Holland

People have different ways to overcome the January blues but this office takes it to a whole new level.

Most offices are especially feeling the January pinch, particularly because they’re hanging for payday after the Christmas break.

Karl, from Viking Direct, got in touch with us to show how they did their bit to cheer up their office recently.

He said, “When we returned from work after Christmas and New Year, we had an email from our boss containing one simple task: do something to decorate our desks to help the office get over the January blues.

Being the creative team, we decided we needed to do something special, so some of my colleagues decided to build a giant cardboard fort in the office.”

cardboard fort

Together with a drawbridge and strong cardboard walls, it stands 3 metres in height and took them 7 hours to construct. They used 80 glue sticks to construct the fortress, and made over 480 bricks to adorn the walls.

fort 1

You can watch them construct it here:

Fair play to you lads. Now, we’re off to build our own fort in

Thanks to Karl Young for sending this our way – if you have something you think our readers would love, hit us up at [email protected] or find us on Facebook or Twitter.