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09th Jan 2013

This Man Created a Fake Boy Band… Watch What Happened Next

Yes, another proposal making its way on to YouTube - but this is fantastic.

Talk about upping the bar for your average man!

The past year has brought a spate of romantic, charming and funny (and some downright creepy) proposal videos to the World Wide Web.

Lip-dubs, flash mobs and countless invented situations, most culminating in a man getting on one knee and a woman crying from either happiness or sheer mortification.

This video, though, tops anything we’ve seen in the last while.

Aussie Dean was planning to propose to his girlfriend Lauren while she spent Christmas with his Down Under. His friends have a tradition whereby they get together every Christmas Eve to watch a montage of the highlights of their time together in that twelve months.

On Christmas Eve last, however, the usual video was followed by an additional one – introduced by the man himself. He admits to cheating on a long-distance Checkers game with Lauren, repeatedly, but we suspect she forgave him after the second admission; Dean is part of a boy band called ‘Fancy’, and he’d love for her to hear their new single.

Naturally ‘Fancy’ don’t actual exist, but the accompanying video made us wish they did, if only for all the Backstreet Boys/NSYNC memories it stirred within us.

Dean shared the video on YouTube this week with this message:

This video is how I proposed to my girlfriend on the 24th of December 2012.
I made up a pretend band, wrote this song and filmed this video because Lauren loved boy bands growing up.

If this video makes you smile, please look up “Abacus” by Fancy on iTunes and download the song. Every download will be put towards our wedding and starting out lives together. If you think it will make others smile, please share on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Check out the single ‘Abacus’ in the video above. We might have to hand our heads in shame for this… but we’d have said yes. Amazing. 

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