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20th Mar 2013

This Is Why You Should Never Work With Animals: Selfie With A Camel Goes Wrong. Horribly, Horribly Wrong.

This lady learned that when it comes to taking selfies, you should always keep one eye on the camera and another on the camel...

‘Selfie’ photographs are pretty much everywhere these days. You only have to browse through Facebook or Twitter and you’re guaranteed to come across a few – maybe you’re even guilty of taking the odd selfie yourself every now and then.

However, unfortunatly, pulling a selfie can be a dangerous act – especially if you’re posing with a camel as this lady found out.

Originally posted to Reddit by the user ‘Juganaut’ the picture is captioned: “The day I tried to take a selfie with a camel.”

As you can see, things didn’t exactly go to plan. Rather than scoring a cool picture of herself with a camel, poor Juganaut ended up in the camel’s mouth. Nice.

The good news is that she wasn’t hurt after the camel decided to see if it could eat her. All that was bruised was her pride.

Camels. They’re notoriously difficult to work with. Don’t believe us? Check this out…