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11th Aug 2016

This is what happens when you try to assemble Ikea furniture high on LSD

Spoiler: not much building

Ben Kenyon

If you’re not DIY-minded, putting together Ikea furniture is a bloody minefield.

First you’ve to get your head round the daft Swedish names for stuff like Flärdfull, Knutstorp, Pysslingar, Fartfull and Milf (they’re all real).

Then once you’ve got the million and one pieces out of the box you’ve got to try and understand the voluminous assembly instructions and starting piecing it together.

But if you thought trying to turn the world’s most complex jigsaw puzzle into a functional wardrobe was difficult, imagine doing it when you’re off your box on LSD.

Well you don’t need to imagine anymore because one couple thought they’d mix things up, drop some acid and try to make a flat-pack dresser high on the drug.

We’re not going to lie – it didn’t quite go swimmingly for Giancarlo and Nicole as they tried to put it together tripping their heads off.

Forty five minutes after the acid kicked in and they got cracking. When they opened the packaging and then spend the next wee while just laughing at stuff. And then laughing some more. Then there was some giggling.

At one point Giancarlo tries to use a mallet and then goes to look outside the window for a bit.

All in all it took nearly four hours for them to get anything that vaguely resembled a dresser…so pretty standard then really.

“I will never build furniture while high on acid again,” Nicole said. Funny that as the pair look set to try it again on their HIKEA YouTube channel, but this time with magic mushrooms.

Don’t try this at home kids. If you’re assembling a cupboard, you’ll probably end up with a life-sized sculpture of Salvador Dali.