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16th Jan 2015

This Is The Mouthwatering Fifty Shades Of Grey Inspired Sandwich

We'll have one to take-away please...


We’ll have one to take-away please… 

Fifty Shades of Grey is released next month and the teaser clip, which was released last year, had folk all over the globe a little hot and bothered.

One restaurant in North Devon wanted to make a mouthwatering sandwich to coincide with the film’s release.

Introducing 15 Shades of Bacon…


15 Shades of Bacon includes sausage patty, chicken fried bacon, bacon crisps, baconnaise and bacon dusted chips.

The special cost £15, five of which will be donated to the North Devon Hospice.





Restaurant owner Matt Spencer, creator of the Fifty Shades of Grey inspired lunch order, explained that he is a ‘bacon fiend’ and chose the charity for personal reasons.

“My mum was there last year and they did a great job of looking after her”.

Spencer also revealed that this is not his first creation with bacon. Last year, he handed out handmade bacon roses on Valentine’s Day that he assures went down a treat.

Images via The Metro