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03rd Dec 2016

This is the best space to do your work if you want to be productive

*Runs out of the office*

You may think the quiet spaces like the office is the best place to do your work. When you’re in college you are encouraged to go to the library to do assignments and study for tests.

However, it turns out that a quiet calm place isn’t actually all that beneficial for working in.

A new study suggests that noise and atmosphere is a big help when it comes to productivity and found that a space such as a coffee shop works best.

Researchers in Japan asked participants to do a computer-based task with noise and conversations in the background while they monitored their success.

They found that work-based discussions are more distracting than random, meaningless noises or sounds from a conversation between strangers.

“Surrounding conversations often disturb the business operations conducted in such open offices. Because it is difficult to soundproof an open office, a way to mask meaningful speech with some other sound would be of great benefit for achieving a comfortable sound environment.” Dr Takahiro Tamesue, of the Yamaguchi University in Japan, said.

So maybe that’s why so many budding writers go to Starbucks to work on their novels.

Next time you have an important deadline, try working on it in a public place and you may get it done much faster.