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13th Mar 2016

This Genius Invention For Brides With Big Dresses Means Bridesmaids Are Off The Hook

We wish we had this at our debs.

Megan Cassidy

Being asked to be a bridesmaid is a wonderful honour…

But it comes with its drawbacks.

Even if you aren’t contending with a bridezilla, there are some bridesmaid’s duties that are far from the glamourous picture the wedding album paints.

Prime example: Holding the bride’s train as she glides down the aisle is a far cry from holding said train in a tiny toilet cubicle while she pees (most likely on your shoes).

Now, thanks to this GENIUS invention, the Bridal Buddy, brides can have their independence (and dignity) back when nature calls.

The handy contraption, spotted by our sisters at Herfamily.iemeans you can tuck up your gúna nice and safely while you get down to business.

We WISH we had this for our debs.

Video via YouTube/Bridal Buddy