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31st Jul 2015

This Facebook Hack Could Save You A LOT Of Embarrassment

Make yourself frape-proof.

First come the bizarre notifications… then the confusing texts… then the sinking feeling. You’ve been fraped. 

Nowadays we are operating so many different devices that it is next to impossible to make sure you are logged out of Facebook on every single one.

worry gif

Between your mobile, tablet, desktop, laptop, work phone and not to mention friends’ devices there’s always that niggling fear that somewhere, somehow, you are still logged in.

However, if you are one of the clever few in the know, this need not be a worry any longer – you CAN log out remotely.

phew gif

Go to Facebook settings and scroll down to security and select “Where you’re logged in”.

Here you will see where and when you logged in, and get the option to “End Activity”, logging you out.


Image via Facebook 

You can thank us later (after you’ve frantically checked where you’re logged in).