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06th Nov 2015

This Barber Went To Incredible Lengths To Make This Boy With Autism Feel Comfortable During A Haircut

‘The extremes you need to achieve when you’re cutting hair is amazing, even having to go down to a child's level.’


When your child’s needs are more complicated than others, we can only imagine the effort you go to in helping them live happy, balanced lives.

Even something as simple as getting a haircut can be a barrier you need to overcome.

One barber in Wales has been on a journey with parents Jamie Lewish and Denine Davies to give their son Mason a haircut.

Image: James Williams/Facebook

Mason, who was diagnosed with autism a few months ago, finds the process of having a haircut overwhelming.

According to the Metro UK, the sensory overload can result in physical pain for Mason, leaving him distressed and uneasy.

James Williams, a dedicated barber in Neath Port Talbot, decided not to give up on giving Mason a haircut.

Sharing the news on his Facebook page, Williams wrote how Mason ‘wouldn’t let me go near one of his ears’ and added how the child would run away from him.

Really want to thank Jamie Lewis Denine Davies to allow me to post this on my wall, the extremes you need to achieve…

Posted by James Williams on Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The pair have had their ups and downs, but on Tuesday this week, James had an alternative idea.

Instead of forcing Mason to sit in the chair, James decided to lie on the floor – to get down to Mason’s level.

Staying in silence, Mason let Jason cut his hair, and the pair achieved Mason’s first proper haircut together.

Williams added that when he asked for a high five, Mason had another surprise:

“…he hugged me. #barberlove”

Sometimes all it takes is knowing to go that extra mile.