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19th Apr 2013

Thirteen Reasons College Students Don’t Actually Want The Summer To Come

You actually don't want to go home...

You’re stuck in a library as you read this, you’re faced with a mountain of books/websites to wade through before just one exam of seventeen and your palms are all sweaty because, well, palms sometimes get sweaty in stuffy libraries.

But the truth is you’d rather endure this if it meant you could just stay in college an extra few weeks… just a few more weeks of nights out, living with friends, getting up post-noon and all the other wonderful life-changing things that college life brings with it.

We recently gathered thirteen reasons why college students can’t wait for the summer to come… now we’re thinking about the flip-side; thirteen reasons why college students don’t actually want the summer to come.

Because going home means missing out on all these things… 

1. Banter

One word. Says it all really.

2. Lie-ins

You mightn’t be experiencing too many of these delicious whatsits at the moment, but remember what college was like before the study cramming sessions began? Yes, there were plenty of lie-ins… made unique to college in that you don’t have your mother/father/siblings checking on you every fifteen minutes after noon to see if you’re still alive.

This is what we need. Except for the door. 

3. Nights Out

Ah ya, you’ll get to hang out with the gang at home… but it’s not the same really, is it?

4. You Actually LOVE Learning

Go on, there’s at least one of you out there who’ll admit to it.

5. That Magnificent Specimen

You know the Abercrombie & Fitch-like boy you spot once/twice a week around campus. He’s just so dreamy. You’ve tried to find him on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest even but you can’t… You’re going to really miss creeping on him.

He brought his hot twin brother to college to show him around. 

6. The Diet

You actually enjoy eating KOKA noodles twenty-four-seven and counting pizza as one of your five-a-day.

7. The Soft Spot

You have a soft spot for that young lad who takes your tutorials every Monday. You’ll miss creeping on him too.

8. Your Own SPACE

We love saying that, don’t we? We just need “our own SPACE” and we get that in our room at college. We don’t get it at home with everyone walking in and out of our rooms ALL THE TIME.

9. Three In The Bed

Your mammy definitely won’t let six of your friends come back for a night in your single bed. You could have done that in college.

10. The Sun

Nothing beats the sun in college. Lectures skipped, grass and ice-cream here we come. It’s just the life really.

Bliss… in a photo. 

11. Waking Up With Nothing To Do

Remember this used to happen before the cram sessions too?

12. The Rules #1

Mammy wouldnt find it acceptable setting your alarms for noon just in time for a boozy lunch.

13. The Rules #2

She also wouldn’t find it acceptable to wear pyjama pants 23 hours of your 24-hour day.