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18th Feb 2013

Thinking About Calling It Quits? The Normal Bar Has Revealed The Truth About Break-Ups…

The ground-breaking study has shown that we're all prone to thinking about the single life, even if we're happily coupled up with someone...


Choosing to end a relationship and move on is something that is usually a last resort, but did you know thinking about breaking-up is a common occurrence for men and women?

The ground-breaking study The Normal Bar has been revealing the things about relationships that are completely normal and the latest tidbit of information to come from this study is the fact that we all think about calling it quits.

Yes, even if we’re hoplessly in love with and couldn’t live without our man, we’re still prone to daydreaming about the single life and men are no different.

The Normal Bar showed that men and women are equally matched when it comes to thinking about ending their relationship. More than a third of the 100,000 people who were questioned as part of the study admitted that they think about splitting all the time, while 33 per cent said it does cross their mind sometimes.

Unsurprisingly, the number is much high among unhappy couples (87 per cent of these regularly fantasise about leaving their relationship) but 34 per cent of “extremely happy” partnerships think about splitting every so often.

Whether you’re happy or having a few issues, thinking about splitting is completely normal

So what’s stopping us all from embracing the singe life? The study showed that the biggest break-up fear of men and women is the possibility that they’d regret leaving their other half.

The second most common fear is a fear of hurting the other person. While the third scariest thing about leaving is the prospect of being alone.

While the end of a relationship can appear sudden and inexplicable to outsiders, The Normal Bar study showed that most people in unhappy relationships actually torture themselves about leaving and usually stay with their partner a lot longer than they should. Even when someone has made up their mind to leave, it still takes time for them to work up the courage to have ‘that’ conversation.

So there you have it. Everyone thinks about parting ways with their beloved every now and then and if you’re happily coupled up and the thought crosses your mind don’t panic – it’s completely normal.