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05th May 2019

If you rob food from your partner’s plate it’s a really good sign

Some of us shall choose to remain unconvinced.

Louise Carroll

Thieving, sharing… the line is often blurred.

Many of us would feel a fit of rage brewing should anyone try to snatch our beloved food away from us. But apparently, it’s a sign of affection. Mm-hmm…

A study published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society, Biological Sciences, our happy hormone (oxytocin) is released when we share food.

Give the dog what it wants!

One might personally believe the food in this case MUST have been given away willingly. Anyhow, back to the study…

Researchers studied a group of chimpanzees and their behaviour when it came to sharing their precious grub.

They found some very interesting perks indeed. They explained;

“The link between food sharing and oxytocin found in chimpanzees may also be relevant for humans, where pro-social behaviour has often been linked to food sharing and provisioning.

These ones don’t look keen anyway…

“Long-lasting cooperative relationships have also been referred to as strong social bonds, which are characterised by high rates of cooperative behaviours, such as grooming and food sharing.

“Crucially, there is evidence that individuals who maintain such cooperative relationships have more offspring than those who do not.”

Well, good for them.