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06th Mar 2015

MOTORS: They See Me Rollin’… Seven Reasons To Love The Volkswagen Cross Polo

Tried and tested.


If you’re in the market for a new car our Tried And Tested column should help you decide.

With so many brands and types to choose from, it can often be quite hard to know which car is the right car for you.

From testing them out on the motorways to driving around the back roads of Ireland, we give you the highs and lows of many of the market’s leading brands.

So sit back, relax and get ready to go cruising…

This week, we headed on a major happy March shopping trip.

Oh so pretty
If there’s only one thing we ever say about the Cross Polo then it has to be about its sleek design. It’s the bad boy version of the Polo and it looks pretty amazing.

Full of gadgets
This car has so many interesting gadgets that we spent a lot of time playing with all the controls on the dash, a little bit dazzled over every little thing.


Pack it up!
The Cross Polo has a decent-sized boot perfect for fitting everything you need for that shopping trip in the city. We squeezed in A LOT of shopping bags along with three handbags and still had room left over. Winning!

Just cruising
There’s not a lot we can find wrong with this car, from comfy and stylish interiors to a sleek and sporty exterior – you really will not want to stop driving it.


Small but powerful
Although the Cross Polo has a 1.2 TSI engine under the hood, you would be forgiven for thinking that you were driving a 1.6. From a multi-function steering wheel along with cruise control and park distance control it doesn’t get much easier.

Calling all you music lovers!

From the handy USB plug in and bluetooth technology – which is of decent quality for phone calls – this car is perfect for all your music needs too.

Volkswagen CrossPolo

With a bit left over…
We took in all the shopping centres between Athlone and Dublin and still managed to find our way back home with well over a half tank of petrol left – now that would certainly put a smile on your face!

Our rating?
A fantastic 4/5


There’s not a lot we could find wrong with this car. Annoying hand rest aside (yes, it is becoming a bit of a bug bear we know!) this car handles brilliantly, has all the latest technology you could need and goes very easy on the pocket too.

And on that note… (we couldn’t resist!)

Video via YouTube/ChamillionaireVEVO