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04th Feb 2017

There’s a new dating app that matches you with people that hate the same things

Megan Roantree

Perfect for people who love to complain.

When looking for love, we are inclined to find someone similar to us. When starting out we look for someone who likes the same movies and music and who will happily dine in your favourite restaurant.

As the relationship gets more serious we look for deeper qualities but still hope they match our own.

A new dating app has gone for the complete opposite approach in a bid to find your perfect match.

The app, called Hater is only focused on matching people that dislike the same things.

After downloading the app, users are then asked to swipe in different directions to indicate if they love,like, dislike, hate or are indifferent to a specific activity, concept, famous person etc.

Hater then creates a profile of its users, based solely on the things that they dislike, before matching them with people that share a similar disinterest in the same things.

The app will be released on February 8th, so if you’re a fan of complaining and want to find a man or woman you can rant to, this might be the way to go.