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01st Jul 2015

“There Was No Spark” – iRadio Couple Split One Week After High-Profile Wedding

Now who could have seen this coming...

Rebecca McKnight

It seems love really isn’t blind after all…

One week after walking down the aisle, Nigel Finegan and Ann Marie O’Neill are walking their separate ways.

The pair met and wed as part of regional radio station iRadio’s “Three Strangers and a Wedding” social experiment.

Early communication took place over the phone with the pair using aliases. They met in person on their wedding day at the Hudson Bay Hotel in Athlone.


Speaking to The Irish Sun, Anne Marie, 28, said that she and Nigel had a “heart-to-heart” and realised there was no spark.

She said: “I sensed it anyway but I was willing to give it a go and see what happens.”

“But we needed to just be honest with each other.”

The couple made the call while on an all-expenses-paid honeymoon provided by the radio station. The “heart to heart” happened on day two.

Nigel said: “We all wanted the fairytale.”

We can just imagine the awkwardness of the flight home…