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21st Aug 2016

There is a new wedding trend which we can all definitely get behind

Wedding goals!

Laura Holland

Welcome to The Bride Files – covering all things related to weddings as Laura prepares for her big day.

When it comes to weddings a lot of thought and effort is put into every last detail. First you must choose some crucial parts of the day such as your venue, church and band. Then comes the time to focus on the bridal party, choosing what dress to wear and what colour for the bridesmaids.

Then there are other details such as choosing your music, guest list, invitations and so on.

And it doesn’t stop there.

These days couples are choosing to put in some extra features at weddings such as candy carts or chocolate fondue fountains. And now there is a new trend which will begin to pop up at weddings and it’s definitely one we can get behind.

Introducing the Doughnut Wall. Yes, that’s correct, some couples are treating their guests to a wall full of delicious doughnuts. Not necessarily in place of the traditional cake but certainly adding to it the doughnuts are hung up on a wall for people to take as they please.

Just look at them and try not to drool.

Neon donut bar bursting with flavors ! Always fresh #donutbar #doughnut #dessertbar #donutwall

A photo posted by Kate Dutka (@lavishcandylife) on

This donut board will steal the show at your next party. Easy DIY on today! Happy #? Day!

A photo posted by Jordan Ferney (@ohhappyday) on

A wall made of doughnuts!! Photo by @lilsweets_2 #krispyclassics #krispykremeaustralia #doughnuts #doughnutwall #partytime

A photo posted by Krispy Kreme (@krispykremeaustralia) on

The best part is it shouldn’t be that difficult to execute. All you need is a board, some hooks or pins (ideally nothing too sharp though) and loads of colourful doughnuts. Placed somewhere in your reception it’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

drooling homer simpson gif

Be right back, out making a doughnut wall for the Her office.

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