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20th Jan 2014

The Watcher: Stalker Leaves Creepy Note For Woman On Dog Walking Trail

This note is both creepy and terrifying, you really never know when someone is watching.

There are ways of getting a woman’s attention to tell her that you like her, this is DEFINITELY not one of them…

A note, uploaded to picture sharing site, imgur, almost two weeks ago, has sparked authorities to take action and issue a warning, after being found along a popular dog walking trail in Canada.

The post, found along Campbell River trail, is penned by a male that seems to have become infatuated with a woman that he regularly sees walking her dogs along the route.

He begins by addressing the note to the “young lady who owns multiple pitbull terriers” and continues by saying, “I see you nearly every lunch hour of mine in here.”

The author explains that he wants to approach the woman whom he watches from afar, but he is much too shy, hoping that one day he’ll find the courage to finally say hello.

He details particular past events, writing: “I was too close and you could smell my cologne. I was close enough to hear you ask your friend if she smelt cologne, and I watched you stop and smell the air.”

Also noting that the lady knows she is being watched: “You seem to realise when you’re being watched, but perhaps your very large, aggressive looking dogs, plus the bear spray and the concealed knife I know that you carry, give you a sense of security.”

The slightly terrifying message concludes: “I realise that other people who read this may find it ‘creepy,’ but you seem to be smart enough to know the difference.”

Since being discovered this image has appeared on several walking sites on Facebook in a bid to warn women about the possible dangers on isolated trails.


Police were able to locate the woman, however are still looking for the author.

According to Times Colonist Const. Don McIntosh said: “Police later learned that there had been a series of notes left. While there were no threats of harm, it would appear the author may have been secretly watching this individual for a period of time.”

We’ll not lie, this note really gave us the creeps.