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29th May 2015

The Top Baby Names In Ireland For 2014 Have Been Revealed…

Is your name in the Top 10?

The top baby names in Ireland for 2014 were revealed this week and there wasn’t too many surprises.

For the eighth year running, Jack topped the poll of the most popular name for baby boys, while Emily was the number one name for little girls.

Elsewhere in the top five, James, Daniel, Conor and Sean were all firm favourites with new parents, while Sophie, Emma, Grace and Ava finished off the top five girls’ names.

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For girls, Ella, Amelia, Mia, Lucy and Aoife completed the top ten, while Adam, Luke, Noah, Harry and Charlie rounded off the boys’ list.

The results, which were released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) showed that other popular names throughout the year included Henry, Ollie, Annie and Isla.

The most popular surname of the year was Murphy, followed by Kelly.