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05th Apr 2013

The Ten Things That Only Happen On An Irish Night Out

From "pre-drinks" lasting until 2am, to someone crying in the loo over something stupid, we explore the nightly rituals that are uniquely ours

Bet you’ve lied to yourself or someone else that you’re not going out this weekend…

We’re sure you’re full of good intentions now, but we bet that after reading these ten inately Irish elements to a night out, your arm might be twisted. Sure, one won’t hurt, will it? 

1. Every night must start with a “pre-drinks” session in someone’s house. And by “pre” we mean at least five drinks… so there’s nothing “pre” about them at all really.

2. Even if you’re trying to have your own conversation, your taxi driver will inevitably tell you his life story on the way to your destination.

3. When you’re getting into a club, at least one person will refuse to pay the cover charge or try to worm their way out of it by pretending to know the manager. Or the manager’s cousin. Or the manager’s cousin’s ex-girlfriend. 

4. Two euro to put a coat in? What a rip off. You’ll carry it around, looped awkwardly into your handbag for the night, thank you very much. 

5. You will end up making at least one friend in the loo and wake up the next morning wondering who the person you saved as ‘Oidfgjknk’ in your phone is.

Shots for everyone!

6. Ireland is the only place in the world you will hear Maniac 2000 in a club. And it’s also the only place in the world where people will fist pump/chant oggy, oggy, oggy, oi, oi, oi to each other on the dance floor.

7. If a total stranger buys you a drink at the bar, they’re not coming onto you… they’re just including you in their round. Because being accused of being a bit tight when it comes to buying drinks is on a par with being accused of being an axe-murderer.

8. Similarly, you will inevitably shout “shots for everyone” at some point during the night. Our advice? Don’t check those credit card receipts lurking in your bag the next morning.

9. Someone will cry or fall or both!

10. At least one person from your group will pretend to go to the loo but sneak off home early instead.