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28th Feb 2013

The Talkshow Queen – Oprah’s Ten Best Interviews

Ten of the greatest interviews and one very honourable mention from the Queen of the Chatshow

Oprah assumes a strange place in our society, she ranks above most celebrities but just under the President. The talkshow presenter has interviewed some of the most high profile celebrities so we took a look at her ten best interviews. Also, she perfected the art of the introduction.

1. Whitney Houston

The troubled superstar granted an interview to Oprah following seven years of refusing to be go in front of a talkshow host. The interview has now taken on an eery significance.

2. Lisa Marie Presley

Following the death of ex husband, Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie kept quiet about her feelings on the issue. She broke her silence with Oprah

3. Michael Jackson

Famously, Michael Jackson gave very few interviews. Oprah was one of the few interviewers he granted access to his life, marriage and home.

4. Lance Armstrong

The former winner of the Tour de France confessed that the doping allegations which he had been accused of, were all completely true.

5. Beyonce

Beyonce revealed details of her personal life in her documentary which she had never revealed before. Of course, Oprah was on hand for a pre screening interview. She also took to the couch for a post analysis.

6. Rihanna

The singer had kept mum about the infamous Chris Brown incident… Until Oprah got her on the couch.

7. Oprah’s Long Lost Sister

Oprah discovered that she had a step sister she never knew about and decided the best place to work out the family situation. This actually proved to be one of the sweetest interviews on the talkshow

8. Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

Royal family interviews have always proved to be the most popular, particularly in the case of Diana. Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York gave this candid interview to Oprah following her split from Prince Andrew.

9. Ellen DeGeneres

The Talkshow Princess gave a very honest interview regarding her sexual orientation. Speculation had been following the star for years but Oprah was the first interviewer Ellen admitted she was a lesbian to.

10. Tom Cruise

This. Just this.

Honourable Mention

Barrack Obama

Hello. Mr. President. Want to drop round for a cup of tea?