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26th Nov 2012

The Tale Of Sean Quinn Will Be Brought To The Big Screen

The fallen Fermanagh tycoon’s rags to riches story has inspired Hollywood producers.

The rag to riches story of Sean Quinn is set to hit the big screen in a biopic of his life after inspiring Hollywood hot shots.

Producer James Mitchell has confirmed that he will make a film about Sean Quinn’s dramatic fall from billionaire to bankruptcy and Irish actor Gerald McSorley is set to nab the lead role.

The yet untitled movie is expected to begin production some time in 2013 and Emmy award-winning Belfast writer Ron Hutchinson is penning the script.

According to The Irish Independent, a representative for Soho Moon Production who is behind the planned movie said: “We would hope to start production in the New Year.”

James Mitchell has jetted into Fermanagh to find out more about Quinn, who is currently serving a nine-week sentence in Mountjoy prison.

Earlier this year Mr Quinn’s son served three months in the same jail.

The Quinn family have refused to comment on the planned movie. isn’t sure this is a flick many Irish people will be lining up to see, but we can’t imagine that Sean Quinn will be happy to hear that his fall from grace will be documented even further into history.

However, we already smell an Oscar or two!