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17th Nov 2013

The Six on Sunday – Our Favourite Stories This Week

Having a lazy Sunday? Kick back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy Team’s favourite reads of the week.

Though it’s a tough task, given how many fantastic stories we’ve come across in the past seven days, each of us here at have chosen one of our favourite picks from the week, gathered together in one handy collection. Enjoy!


Grace’s Choice: Nice rack…

Grace says: Finally after years of searching for an answer we have finally got it. What woman want is simple – bigger boobs and wine, ( calm down ladies, I’m only joking). The story of the Wine Rack Flask Bra caused an uproar during the week, with many women sharing and submitting hilarious comments.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 21.24.09

Read the story in full here.

Rebecca’s Choice: TV brilliance

Rebecca says: My favourite story this week combined two of my favourite things – Channel 4’s hit show Gogglebox and the new Christmas ad from John Lewis. One is hilarious, the other is tear-jerking and together they are brilliant.


Read the full story here.

Cathy’s Choice: Middle Child Sydrome

Cathy says: I adored the letter sent in by Fergal sent to Ryan Tubridy in the hope of co-presenting the Late Late Toy Show. My sister has always claimed it’s tough being the middle child so I had to laugh on hearing of poor Fergal’s trials and tribulations!


Read the full story here.

Úna’s Choice: Gaming woes

Úna says: I was so delighted to be able to express my video gaming woes in “10 things” this week where I wrote about the things that gamers hate. From not reaching save points, to have files deleted, I think I probably could have written an essay about it but had to restrain myself!


Read the full story here.

Sue’s Choice: G’wan Marty!

Sue says: My favourite story this week is about the Galway hotel who kindly put a framed photo of Marty Morrissey in a lady’s room after she made the request on the booking website. Firstly, it’s a Galway hotel and secondly, there’s that amazing photo. What’s not to love here?


Read the full story here.

And because we’re one member down and Grace was so enthusiast about this story we had to include this gem!

Grace’s Second Choice: A Hot Whiskey, Be Grand They Said. 

Grace says: I was discussing the success of this story with one of the JOEs during the week, and we concluded that Irish people are simply dotty about all things Irish. This story was inspired by a weekend at home in front of the fire with my best friend, Jameson. Us Irish folk are a strange lot when it comes to ‘home remedies’, and one thing we all love as much as a good hot whiskey, is a good story about ourselves.


Read the full story here.