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10th Nov 2013

The Six on Sunday – Our Favourite Stories This Week

Our favourite stories from the week that was...

Having a lazy Sunday? Kick back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy Team’s favourite reads of the week.

Though it’s a tough task, given how many fantastic stories we’ve come across in the past seven days, each of us here at have chosen one of our favourite picks from the week, gathered together in one handy collection. Enjoy!


Grace’s Choice: Llama Drama

Grace says: Nothing made me smile quite as much this week as the news that a group of teenagers in France had taken a Llama for a night on the tiles. The teens were slightly under the influence when they decided to take Serge for a trip on the Bordeaux tram line. And before you say it, the animal was not harmed and the lads had the best of intentions.

Just look at how amazing this photo is. (Yes, I have contemplated photoshopping myself into it several times).

Llama drama

Read the full story here.


Michelle’s Choice: 

Michelle says: I have been absolutely glued to the fourth series of Love/Hate, and I’m gutted that the end is nigh for this run. In advance of Sunday’s season finale, Grace penned this fantastic piece on some of the possible outcomes.


Read the full story here.

Sue’s Choice: Finding Your Voice

Sue says: My favourite story of the week was about Musharaf Asghar who has almost been silent since the age of five, having battled endlessly with a speech impediment and for the first time in his life, he managed to overcome his stammer thanks to the efforts of his teacher Mr. Burton.


If you can get through this without crying, you have a heart of stone.

Read the full story here.


Rebecca’s Choice: And They Called It Puppy Love…

Rebecca says: Just goes to show that kids do say the funniest things. I thought this was such a cute note especially because he includes the ‘maybe’ option and as for her response, it’s just priceless and not something I would have come out with aged 18 never mind 8!


Read the full story here.


Úna’s Choice: A New Hero

Úna says: I was really excited to hear about this new series that Marvel’s rolling out next February. The new comic book is to star a teenage Muslim girl who discovers that she has superhero powers. The series is to be a reimagined version of the classic female superhero Ms. Marvel and is set to focus in on conservative family life and challenge religious views. It sounds really interesting! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.


Read the full story here.


Cathy’s Choice: I’ll Wear It All The Time…

Cathy says: It’s probably obvious at this stage but just in case, I’m a little bit of a shopaholic. Not even a closet shopaholic as I’m useless at hiding it and to back this up I’m pretty sure I’ve used all of the excuses here. I know I’m not the only one!


Read the full story here.