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24th Nov 2013

The Six on Sunday – Our Favourite Stories This Week

Our favourite reads from this week.

Having a lazy Sunday? Kick back, pour yourself a cuppa and enjoy Team’s favourite reads of the week.

Though it’s a tough task, given how many fantastic stories we’ve come across in the past seven days, each of us here at have chosen one of our favourite picks from the week, gathered together in one handy collection. Enjoy!


Grace’s Choice: Absolute Gentlemen

Grace says: Anyone who knows me will know that I’m fond of the term ‘gentleman’ and I love music… combine the two together and well, that’s just stuff dreams are made of. When I watched this next advert from the states, which shows men playing their jingle bells, I laughed so much, and to be completely honest, was slightly disappointed in myself that I hadn’t thought of it first.

Jingle bells

Read the full story here.


Michelle’s Choice: A Grand Bunch of Lads

Michelle says: For all the abuse we give them, we really wouldn’t trade Irish men for the world. From the farmer tan to the undying love and adoration for mammy, they’re all keepers. Every last one of them. Grace outlined all the reasons why in this great piece.


Read the full story here.

Sue’s Choice: 

Sue says: My favourite story from this week is TD Michael McGrath who apparently liked a page entitled “MILF of the Day”. Apparently, McGrath himself didn’t actually like the page Someone else did that, you know…


Read the full story here.


Rebecca’s Choice: Dating Disasters

Rebecca says: I enjoyed writing this one up because it’s a fun topic and I also got to hear about all the first date disasters the girls in the office had experienced. My lips are sealed… well, sort of, I did write an article about them!


Read the full story here.


Úna’s Choice: Picture Perfect

Úna says: I absolutely loved this series of photos from these two brothers who decided to surprise their mom on her birthday. The boys headed to some of their favourite holiday spots and recreated identical shots – 20 years later.


Read the full story here.


Cathy’s Choice: I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day. 

Cathy says: I’m not ashamed to say I completely love and adore The Notebbok. Not only did it create a strong obsession with the beautiful Ryan but his love interest Allie (Rachel Mc Adams) is my ultimate girl crush. Her outfits in the film are to die for and the chemistry between these two is undeniable. The fact that they are rekindling (okay okay, might be) their relationship makes me very happy.


Read the full story here.