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17th Jan 2013

The Next Bond: One Eight-Year-Old Girl’s List Of Spy Rules

A must-have for your next spy game...

We all spent hours hiding under tables and building spy camps when we were young, but sometimes our spy games didn’t quite go to plan and we were caught by the “baddies”…

If only we had had this comprehensive spy to-do list one eight-year old girl wrote up.

Time and effort went in to drafting up this piece of work. Young Jenna’s spy rules were so impressive her mum decided to send them in to the Huffington Post.

By the sounds of it, Jenna has completely skipped the Spy Kids era and has jumped straight to watching Homeland and Skyfall.

If we were to criticise? Keep your spy notes in safe keeping Jenna, you can’t just leave them lying around.

The next Bond though? Definitely.