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22nd Jul 2012

The Next Big Thing? Tap Water Bar Opens in New York

It's long been said that people will buy anything, and two New York businessmen might be able to prove it. Meet 'Molecule' the New York bar that serves only tap water.

A fool and his money are soon parted, and nowhere are such fools more welcome than at Molecule, New York.

The new NY hotspot, co-owned by an art dealer and restaurant owner, opened this week serving something completely different… tap water.

The brains behind Molecule, located in the East Village, insist that the ordinary tap water is worth its $2.50 (plus tax) price tag, as it has been filtered through a machine, allegedly priced at $25,000, which uses ultraviolet rays and ozone treatments to create ‘pure H20’.

Speaking to The Wall Street Journal, co-owner Adam Rihf insisted there is a taste difference, but it will only be noticeable to the more refined palate; ‘I mean it’s subtle, but if you have a sensitive palate you can totally tell’.

Ruhf went on to insist that there would be demand for a product that improved on current NY tap water, saying; ‘I don’t want chemicals in my water. I don’t even want chlorine in my water. Chlorine is like bleach. Do you want to drink bleach? No one wants to drink bleach. So that’s my opinion on New York tap water.’

If you’re still not convinced, get more for your money on a Sunday visit – when blessings involving ‘religious figures from all faiths’ are planned. Paying for Holy Water? What would they make of it in Knock…