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03rd Dec 2015

The Most Irish Song Ever Written Has Been Released And It’s Surprisingly Catchy

It’s all about a truck driver, and his clutch.


No, we’re not joking.

This is honestly quite a catchy little tune. We’re just not so sure about the words.

Marty Mone has just released his new song ‘Slip The Clutch’ and it’s probably the most Irish thing we’ll ever have the grace of hearing.

Or seeing.

The video showcases a man we can only assume is Marty, as he goes about daily life in his truck.

As well as some Irish roadside scenery, and some cutaway truck driver shots stateside, there’s a steady little country tune taking hold in the background.

You might remember the Monaghan man for his strangely popular track ‘Hit the Diff’ earlier this year …

For any fans of the farming legend himself, you can now download his album on iTunes.

It’s a great day to be alive.