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11th Dec 2016

The most fertile day of the year has been revealed

Megan Roantree

Good to know.

If you’re trying for a baby make sure to have a go tonight as statistically it’s the most common day of the year the people get pregnant.

On the other side, if you are not planning on having a child anytime soon, make sure to take precautionary methods today.

According to a pregnancy test company who surveyed hundreds of women, December 11th is the most fertile day of the year.

The company looked at national birth records and found that the most popular birthday in the country is September 16th (which is an interesting fact in itself).

They then counted back nine months and found that December 11th was the date most babies would have been conceived.

Of course, this is assuming all babies were born on their due date, which is pretty unlikely, but it does mean that this time of year and days surround this date is the most popular time of the the year to become pregnant.

Interestingly the survey of 600 aross the America also found out that 45 percent of women said their pregnancies were unplanned.

Christmas seems to be a time for all sorts of celebration as we recently found that the season is also the most popular month for engagements.