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23rd Dec 2012

The Little Things That Make Christmas Day Special

With only two more sleeps to go, we are very excited but it's the small details we're looking forward to!

Sure we enjoy the huge turkey on the table and the giant heap of presents under the tree but Christmas Day is also about the little things.

In fact we’d go so far as to say that we’d miss these small details even more!

Eating chocolate for breakfast and after every meal– We don’t know why we allow ourselves to eat copious amounts of chocolate on Christmas Day but it just seems right and anyway, we have no intention of changing it!

Getting up early because you want to, not because you have to – Getting up for work at six or seven is not a fun activity but when you are getting up to open presents it become so much more reasonable.

Drinking even more tea than usual – We as a nation love a good cuppa and while we didn’t think it was possible to drink more, we actually do. Although it’s probably because we got up so early like big children!

Wearing pyjamas all day – Like having chocolate for breakfast, it only seems right to do this on Christmas Day. In saying that we also like wearing our best clothes for just sitting around the house as well.

Falling asleep at three o’clock in the afternoon because you can – If this was a normal day, we’d probably think we were coming down with an illness or getting old but the post-dinner nap is a festive necessity.

Having napkins at the dinner table to mark the occasion – Perhaps you have these every day at your house for dinner but we’re only used to having them at restaurants except of course on December 25th. It just makes it a little bit special, doesn’t it?

Laughing at the unfunny jokes from the cracker you’ve just pulled – They seem to get worse every year but not laughing at them just wouldn’t do. And also the multi-coloured hats are an absolute must even though they usually ruin your hair.