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15th Mar 2013

The Latest Work Trend? Encouraging Employees To Sleep On The Job!

Irish businesses take note!


A new trend is sweeping corporate America and we have to say, we are seriously hoping, wishing and praying that it becomes popular on this side of the Atlantic too. Why? Well, because it would be absolutely AWESOME. reports that a growing number of companies in the States have suddenly decided that sleeping on the job is actually a good thing. And wait, it gets better: they’ve actually invested money in building special “nap rooms” for employees, so if they’re feeling a little sleepy they can nip in and get some shut eye.

Companies have embraced sleeping on the job because they believe that getting a few minutes of sleep during the day actually helps employees to be more productive and creative when it comes to doing their job. And companies are sparing no expense when it comes to boosting the efficiency of their offices.

Companies all across America have invested in things called ‘Energy Pods’ special chairs that are designed for power naps. They’re super-comfy recliners that have a special top on them to block out daylight, ensuring a peaceful rest.

Allowing employees to get a little extra shut eye helps them to feel less stressed

According to a 2011 poll conducted by a sleep foundation, 43 per cent of workers say that they don’t get enough sleep. While a power nap can’t replace all the sleep that you’ve missed, it can help to perk your brain up when you need it.

In order to get the most benefit from your nap, experts say you should lie down in a cool, dark room and limit your snooze to 20 or 30 minutes.

“We all get sleepy in the mid-afternoon, and it looks like our body clocks are winding donw a little bit then,” said Dr Steven Feinsilver, a sleep specialist.

“If you need an extra two hours of sleep, getting a half an hour is good, and it helps,” he added.

We don’t know about you but we imagine there would be  a lot of happier employees in Ireland as a whole if companies started introducing ‘nap time’ on a regular basis!