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06th May 2016

The latest Facebook update means people can see what photos you liked

What fresh hell is this?!


When scrolling through your Facebook feed, it’s all too easy to like a photo by accident and now thanks to a new update, EVERYONE CAN SEE.

It’s ridiculously easy to track too, you simply type ‘photos liked by – insert name of Facebook friend’, click on the friend’s name and then you’ll be able to see what they have liked.

Having tried it, the feature doesn’t appear to show everything in chronological order and photos on your timeline liked by the friend in question appear first.


With that in mind, you’re not really getting access to anything new but still the idea in in itself feels like an insight into someone’s personal Facebook habits and privacy, depending on what your thoughts are on the social media site.

It appears to be a relatively new thing and to be honest, we’re not sure how to feel.

Is this a step too far as regards Facebook creeping?