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21st Jul 2015

The Latest Cork Hurling Star Is An Absolute Ride… According To Tinder That Is

One group of girls are calling for an ab line up at training this week.

One group of girls are calling for an ab line-up at hurling training this week.

There’s nothing we love more than a Tinder story that gives us a giggle and the one sent in by reader Michaela Browne this week has certainly done just that.

To swipe left or right is the conundrum facing Michaela after she was greeted by this pretty amazing profile on the dating app recently.


“This guy just got caught out on Tinder,” she told us.

“Don’t know what the giveaway was… the bronzed abs, not being called Patrick John or Joe, or the proud Aussie punchline.”


“Our sources say poor Joshua would want to broaden his dating further outside of north Cork to convince us on this one.

“Although we are happy to perform an ab line-up at the next Cork training session… Just to be sure,” she added.


We might have to attend that training session.

Just to be sure as well, of course.

One thing’s for certain though is that if he does line out for Cork, or simply watches from the sidelines, there’s a host of ladies in the Rebel county that’ll be keeping an eye out for him.


Hat tip to Michaela Browne for sending this our way. 

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