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15th Jan 2016

The #Ladyball Was A Big Hoax and We’re So Chuffed

We weren’t too happy living in a country where this was real.

Cassie Delaney

Earlier in the week women nationally were mortified and outraged by the apparent launch of the new Lady Ball.

The pink ball was marketed as a product to help women in sport. It’s softer texture, lighter weight and pink appearance were advertised as more appealing to female athletes.

It was a load of shite.

Thankfully Lidl have laid claim to the marketing hoax and say the campaign was designed to spark debate about the position of women in sport in Ireland. A statement by Lidl said the company, in conjunction with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association (LGFA) wanted to put the spotlight on women in sport in Ireland and raise awareness of the difficulties female sports persons have in getting the same recognition as their male counterparts.

A release from Lidl today announced that Lidl and the LGFA will next week announce details of a partnership which will see the brand become the Official Retail Partner to the LGFA and the title sponsors of the Lidl Ladies National Football League.

The campaign comes the same week the new Fair Game Podcast soft launched online. The podcast, hosted by Emily Glen and Elaine Buckley, aims to increase media coverage of women in sport. Check them out HERE.