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03rd Sep 2014

The Lad Everyone Fancies: 10 People You’ll Definitely Meet In College


A brand new college year is almost here and here in the Her Towers we’re reminiscing about our first college days and the people we met along the way. 

For the majority, freshers year is one they remember fondly as the greatest time in their life. The newfound freedom, the friends, the instant food and the freebies… bring us back.

After getting accommodation sorted, opening your very own student bank account (newbies if you open and use an account before the end of October with KBC you’ll receive €100 into your account- more details here) and putting together that all important first day of college outfit, it’s time to encounter the various characters found on the college campus.

Here are the 10 people you’ll definitely meet in college…


1. The Lad Everyone Fancies


There is one on every campus and his perfect DNA has women going weak at the knees. When you’re in the company of the college stud, you find yourself perspiring a lot more than normal, your words become jumbled and you begin to fidget (the obligatory playing with your hair move). Oh, and EVERYTHING he says is HILARIOUS.


2. The Do-Gooder

This person is so proactive that the sheer amount of work they manage to complete on a daily basis hurts your brain a little bit. They’re the folk you meet at the start of the semester handing out information leaflets and freebies, and you can be guaranteed to see their face at every students union, charity and college event. As they would say in the country, they’re a pretty decent skin.


3. The Party Animal


The person that will go anywhere but home and doesn’t know the meaning of ‘taking it handy’. Every night is party night and they live their college lives with the mantra, ‘no one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had a plenty of sleep’.


4. The Lecturers’ Pet

This is the person that turns up to class early. Sits near to the front. Answers all the questions. Submits coursework two weeks before the deadline and as far as the lecturers are concerned, is the perfect student.


5. The Buff One

Mr. Motivator eat your heart out. This guy is more than likely on the college sports team and spends a good part of his week making the very most of the gym facilities on offer. He is so big he takes up two spaces in the lecture hall but it is okay, because he will provide you with great hugs when you’re hung over and feeling slightly sorry for yourself.


6. Do They Even Go Here?

There will be at least one name called on your registration list that will never show up… you will give-up ever meeting them after the first four-to-six weeks.


7. The Coasting Extraordinaire

There is one to be found in every single course and they’re disliked among the masses. When you’re busting your backside to make it to all your practical classes, sign-in and submit coursework on time, they manage to drift through the year, coasting along and pass with flying colours. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!


8. The Person EVERYONE Knows

This is Mr/Miss Popular, not because they’re the student president or involved in any of the societies, but just because they’re ridiculously well known.  As they walk from lecture room to lecture room they are met by a chorus of “hellos” and “how are ye”? There isn’t a person in college that won’t know who they are, everyone wants to be friends with them and soon, you will too.


9. The Waster

Ah, listen, we can’t be too hard on ‘the waster’… They’re busy making sure the lumps on their bed are kept warm, the student bar hasn’t gone dry and will check-in now and again to make sure the lecturers are still alive and well.


10.  The Lifelong Friend

Forget High School, college is where you make some of your greatest lifelong friends. They’ll be there through thick and thin with you as you challenge the trials and tribulations of living out of home for the first time. They understand times of stress, will be there to pick up the pieces when the college stud has broken your heart and they’re the one with whom you’ll share many a fond memory. BFFs for life.