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10th Dec 2012

The Country Searches For Friday Night’s Funniest Moment: The Creepy Late Late Stare

Have you seen this guy? Well worth the watch...

The Late Late generally gets a bit of chat going over the weekend, be it an awkward feminist bonding session between model Rosanna Davison and British broadcaster Caitlin Moran, a Toy Show filled to the brim with meme-making opportunities or this somewhat-creepy stare on Friday night’s show…

Tubridy invited Martin Sheen, father of Charlie Sheen, on stage for his annual appearance to talk about all things Sheen when the camera began its generic sweep of the audience to catch people listening, nodding and some falling asleep.

But this guy had an alternative approach to his three-seconds on TV moment.

A slow turn of the head and a creepy stare resulted in one of the most shiver-down-my-back moments the Late Late has ever produced.

Cue: giggles, a bit of nervous laughter and, God forbid if the kids were up, a few nightmares included.

Monday brings with it a new day and Ryan is now using his radio presenter platform to search the country high and low for the guy who made Friday night’s tele.

Know him? Do get in contact.

For now, we’re looking back on another once-unknown legend on the Late Late Show. Remember this guy? Possibly the coolest guy ever on TV…