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12th Feb 2015

The Best Time Of The Day To Get Your Coffee Fix Is…

Coffee fan? You might want to read this!

Here in the office, we’re partial to coffee and there’s nothing like a mid-morning latte to refuel for the rest of the day.

However, there is actually a specific time of day recommended for getting your all-important caffeine hit.

The people over at the Gastropod podcast spoke to Steven Miller, a chronopharmacology expert (the study of how the brain responds to drugs).

Steven is of the opinion that people should wait until after 9:30a.m to have a coffee.

The science behind this is that our cortisol levels peak between 8am and 9am so you don’t need a caffeine injection before that.


Cortisol is the hormone that controls both stress levels and blood sugar levels and Miller believes drinking coffee before or during these hours can lead to “desensitisation”.

This basically means that if you drink coffee before 9:30am, you’ll need more than one cup before the caffeine kicks in.

We’re definitely going to trial this theory and see if it makes any difference to our coffee cravings…