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25th Apr 2013

The Bed Of The Future: Check Out The Mattress Designed For Cuddling Up With Your Other Half

Want one. Now.

There’s nothing better than a cuddle session in bed with someone you love. However, it’s a total pain when you end up with a dead arm after a few minutes. It ruins the whole ‘niceness’ of the cuddle sesh.

Thankfully, the dead arm could be a thing of the past thanks to a person by the name of Mehdi Mojtabv.

Cast your eyes upon this amazing mattress that has been designed specifically for buddies of the cuddling variety:

Good old Mehdi realised that getting a dead arm during a cuddle session is both annoying and inconvenient so he created a mattress made from strips of foam. This means that your arm is free to slip through the cracks and enjoy all the benefits of blood flow while you snuggle up to your chosen cuddle buddy.

Here’s the science behind it all:

We’re not going to lie. This looks AMAZING. Is this the bed of the future? Yes, we think so.