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26th May 2013

Tesco Shopping List: Milk. Bread. Teabags. Hitman?

A store in Merseyside was displaying a rather unusual advertisement this week.

Rebecca McKnight

When we go into a shop we think about what we want to have for dinner and what we’ve run out of at home but others, we have learned, think of ways they can give their fellow shoppers a bit of a chuckle.

Although we have to admit that the latest funny shop sign is somewhat darker than the ones we have come across before.

Anyway, this notice was on show in a Tesco store in Merseyside this week and as you can see it’s an advertisement for an assassin (one who offers good discounts and is an animal lover might we add).

Considering that it has surfaced online we assume that the shop in question has since removed it from the wall.

(Image courtesy of @PessimisticTwat on Twitter and thanks to the lads at for bringing it to our attention.)