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28th Jul 2015

Tesco Has Banned One Of Our Childhood Favourites… And People Are NOT Happy

The ban is a move against childhood obesity.

We may have all loved a good glass of Ribena as children but the times, they are a changing.

Tesco announced this week that it will be implementing a ban on several sugary drinks, including Capri-Sun and Ribena, as part of a move against childhood obesity.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain said that the move was part of a 10-point plan against obesity and only no-added-sugar drinks will be stocked in the kids juice aisle from September.

The announcement was met with outrage by Internet users who were frantic at the thought of not being able to get their hands on Ribena.

Luckily, Tesco Ireland have since clarified that it is not removing Ribena from sale but children’s juice drinks (ready to drink and in packaging from 150ml to 300ml) will be switching from full sugar to no-added-sugar versions from September.

“At Tesco we are committed to helping our customers to lead healthier lives by providing them a range of products that allows them to make healthy choices,” read a statement.

“We have an ongoing sugar and salt reduction programme in place that aims to reduce the added sugar and salt in our own label foods, particularly in our kid’s category drinks, and we are working with our suppliers to introduce a larger range of branded low sugar and no-added sugar drinks. We can confirm that we will continue to sell no-added sugar versions of branded kid’s category drinks including Ribena in place of the full sugar versions.”