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29th Mar 2013

Ten Things We Loved This Week

These are a few of our favourite things... for this week at least, we're fickle like that.

Well hello Bank Holiday Friday! 

Time to take a look back at the week that was, and ten things that put a smile on the faces of staffers in the past seven days…



The Saturdays at The Bord Gáis Energy Theatre 

Our girl Denise headed along to interview The Saturdays (minus a very preggers Rochelle) ahead of their appearance at a special concert in aid of St. Vincent De Paul. You can read her interview here. We suspect Denise offered to fill in as a fifth member, but what happened at the concert stays at the concert…



Chocolate Deliveries 

You thought a week was going to go by without us mentioning chocolate didn’t you. As if. We got two lovely deliveries during the week, and now they’re all gone. Rebecca from Team says one of her favourite things to do is politely refuse a square of chocolate… then scoff the whole bar ten seconds later. We all concur.



Translations at The Gaiety

We (and some lucky competition winners) headed along to opening night of Translations at the Gaiety Theatre this week, and we adored it! This fantastic production of Brian Friel’s play, set in a hedge school in Ireland in 1833, attracted some familiar faces on Monday night – we spied Joe Duffy, Morah Ryan, Fiona Looney and many more in the audience, and was sitting right behind the President himself, Michael D. Higgins. Translations is running at The Gaiety until Saturday March 29th.


Planning Great Friday

We could happily go the week without a drink, but the minute someone says we CAN’T have it. Discussions have included where is best to stock up, where the unofficial parties are, and whether it’s worth hopping on a train or boat to get around the rules…



We’re getting a little giddy as the long weeked approaches, naturally, so we’ve been busting out some old-school CHOONS for a big of an office bop. Problem is, you hear thirty seconds of it and it’s firmly wedged in your head for the whole day. We’ve fallen victim to Scatman today, but it also happens every time Rebecca sings a Christmas song in March. See later point for more.


RTÉ National Concert Orchestra in the National Concert Hall

Very cultured bunch this week, aren’t we? Our Sue headed along to this event, which she said was an absolute treat for film fans. The RTÉ National Concert Orchestra brought the John Williams film scores to the National Concert Hall on Thursday 28th March. Among the epic pieces were the theme tunes to E.T., Jurassic Park, Superman and Star Wars. The NCH features film composers works’ from time to time and it really does go down a storm, especially when the Orchestra appears to be massive fans themselves!


Diet Coke Deliveries

They were almost too pretty to drink. Almost. We got some of the fab new Diet Coke bottles dropped into us too. Designed by Marc Jacobs, there are three bottles designed to represent the 80s, 90s and 00s. Sadly, the Diet Coke Hunk didn’t deliver them in person. We lay in wait, he’s sure to pop by eventually.




You can blame this one on Rebecca, the rest of us have mixed feelings. It started with the snow, as she says herself: “It’s SO much better than walking in the rain and reminds me of Christmas which is only like nine months away (yay!).” We’ll agree on the snow at least, it is better than the rain. And if this weekend is as Baltic as the days that went before, we’ve got some tips for dressing for the cold, and beauty to beat the storm


Social Media FAILS

Philly from Tallafornia took time out from his busy schedule of clubbing and, um, ok we’ll come back to that. Either way, he found the time to make a fool of himself twice this week, first with his reaction to this, and then when trying to chat up a woman, something which didn’t exactly go his way. Then on Friday, we laughed our asses off at this. Well played Apache Pizza, well played…



Finding Nemo

The PIXAR movie is back in cinemas, in 3D, so we’ve been revisiting the reasons why it’s one of the greatest movies ever made – you can check out the ten life lessons we learned from Finding Nemo here. All together now: “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”