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31st Dec 2015

Ten Phrases To Avoid Using In Work Meetings

Do NOT say these (if you want to make a good impression).

When trying to impress at work, you might find yourself using certain familiar ‘business’ phrases but there are some you really should steer away from.

Michael Sugden became so infuriated at hearing the same sayings used over and over that he compiled a list of the most clichéd phrases used in meetings, particularly by those working in the marketing industry.

Sugden, chief executive of London-based advertising agency VCCP spoke to Marketing magazine about the list.

We have to say a couple of the phrases sound very familiar but we’ll definitely steer away from them in future.

Here are th ten phrases cited as the most annoying:

  1. Growth hacking
  2. Fail forward
  3. Let’s socialise this
  4. Shift the dial
  5. Let’s workshop this
  6. Level playing field
  7. Let’s not boil the ocean
  8. Content is king
  9. I may have a window for you
  10. Think outside the box