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14th Dec 2012

Television Show Puts the Word FUN in Funeral?!

They brought the world Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and now they have a new show in the pipeline...

The network responsible for bringing us Honey Boo Boo is launching a new show which pushes the limits of entertainment as far as they are ever likely to go.

The Learning Channel, believe it or not, is launching a new show called the Best Funeral Ever and yes it is exactly as it sounds.


The funeral home organises unconventional funeral services.

The programme will take viewers behind the scenes of the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas which helps families plan unconventional funeral services for their loved ones.

And when we say unconventional, we’re not talking about the odd song choice or slightly quirky attire. It’s properly unconventional as in having the service in a boxing ring or arranging for the deceased to jump out of a plane.


Funeral director John Beckwith realises his services are very different.

Funeral director John Beckwith acknowledges that the services he provides are “over-the-top” but also insists that they are giving families the best possible time considering the circumstances.

“We do not have generic funerals… Everybody’s experience has to be different… We’re going to make these families extremely happy at the worst moments of their lives,” he says in the trailer.

He also claims that his way of doing things is more in keeping with the Homegoing tradition, associated with the African-American community, which is more positive and celebratory than the traditional funeral service.

The programme will air on December 26th as a one-off but it could become a full-time series if it goes down well. While we’re certainly intrigued by the whole thing, we can’t say we’re crossing our fingers for that to happen!