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30th May 2014

Tech Five Friday – Your Quick Tech Round-Up

Our handy guide to tech this week...


Who says you need to be a nerd to know about the digital world? We’re all about the gadgets and we’ve pulled the top five things we figure you should know about tech this week…

Taste of Tech News –

We’re pretty impressed with Dr. Dre’s business skills. This week Apple confirmed they were buying Beats Electronics and Beats Music in a $3 billion deal.

Read the full story on the deal of the week here.


Tech Fact of the Week –

We may all be streaming our latest work day tunes through YouTube, but only about 20% of the videos on YouTube are actually music related. It seems there are a lot of cat loving film-makers out there.

What’s App-ening?

iTube – If you love to listen to some music from YouTube, but don’t always have a WiFi connection, iTube is the app for you. The handy music player pulls songs from YouTube, plays and caches them to memory and allows you to make playlists, search channels or add song lyrics.

Keep a history of your watched videos, or publish your tunes to Facebook, Whatsapp, email or text to keep your friends up to date, or fill in on your *expert music taste.

iTube is a handy little number that acts as a free iTunes without the need for an online source. Perfect for long drives down the back of nowhere, or creating a workout playlist for those gym sessions.

*May in fact be cringe-inducing music



This Week: Change Your Passwords

You might have heard that there’s been a possible breach of security over at eBay, but it’s never a bad idea to change those passwords on a regular basis. For good security practice, we’re advised to change the codes to our emails, online accounts and social media platforms every three months.

For those who use ‘Password123’, do yourself a favour and take five minutes to keep yourself safe online.

On This Week’s Tech Wishlist is… Nespresso Citiz Fire Engine Red (Krups XN7205)

There’s more than a few caffeine addicts in the office, and although we may complain about the loose change handed over the counter in the local cafés, we can’t beat our morning cuppa for a kick-start to the day. So, in an ideal world we’d be sipping on our brew from a homemade Nespresso machine.

Before you sigh about the costs, it might be worth adding up those morning coffees on route to the office before sniffing at shelling out for your own coffee machine.

We’re loving this little number (and it’s bold colour). It’ll look great on the counter. Need some more convincing? Here are some of the key features:

  • Weight – 34kg
  • Removable 1l water tanks
  • Used capsule container capacity – 10
  • Cable length – 1m
  • Folding drip tray for Latte Macchiato glass
  • Fast heat-up of water
  • Energy saving and high pressure pump