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08th Mar 2013

Tantrums, Moany Phone Calls & Bad Habits: 10 Things Mothers Have To Put Up With For Life

This is why all the mammies out there deserve some kind of award...

Just in case you’ve been out of the loop for the past few weeks, here’s a friendly reminder to let you know that it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday.

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time when we all pause for a few minutes and think about how great our mammies actually are. Sure they’re amazing, God bless them. Not only do they look after you when you’re small, they also keep looking after you as go through your angsty teenage years, your wild twenties, your slightly-more-grown-up thirties and beyond.

Your mother is a lady who’ll always love you and be on your side no matter what. She’s a legend.

Mammies are also resilient things. They put up with us when we’re not so nice to them, when we’re being bratty and when we’re going through a tough time.

With all of this in mind, we thought it’d be nice to celebrate the main woman in all of our lives by appreciating all of the things they have to put up with when it comes to us.


Things Mammies Have To Put Up With For Life

1. Looking after you when you’re sick: It doesn’t matter that we have our own house and are perfectly self-sufficient, whenever we feel a bit icky our mammy is the person who gets a pathetic phone call and/or a house visit. Her words instantly makes us feel better.

No matter how moany the phone call, she’ll stay on the line

2. Moany phone calls: Whenever you have a gripe that you need to get off your chest there’s no better person to call than your mammy. She’ll be patient, kind and listen to you rant on for hours. Another good thing? She’ll also give you a major reality check if you’re being completely unreasonable.

3. Answering stupid questions about cooking/washing/other domestic duties: Whether it’s how to wash a silk dress, how to bake a cake or how to iron properly, mammy will always be on hand to offer up her sage advice. You could just google the answer but somehow it’s never quiet as certain as hearing it from the mouth of your mam.

4. Being your hugging buddy when himself is away: Missing your other half? In need of some comfort? Give your mam a hug. She makes the perfect substitute and her hug is just as awesome.

5. Your tantrums: Even when we’re all grown up, we’re still prone to the occassional tantrum. Your mother is the voice of reason when you’re having an absolute sh*t fit about something. She’s also the only person who can scold you into calmness.

She’s always there for you after you’ve had a bad break-up

6. Watching you have your heart broken: She went through your first break-up with you and your second and your third and by God, she’ll be there for you when you go through the next one too.

7. The bad habits you never grew out of: She bites her tongue every time you call in for a visit and immediately throw your shoes/bag/coat on the floor.

8. Lending you money when you’re broke: You have a job and are perfectly capable of supporting yourself but when you have a particularly expensive month, mammy is always there to lend you a tenner (or more!) if you need it.

She’ll still worry about you, no matter how old you are

9. Your late nights: Despite the fact that you’ve moved out and have your own life now, she still frets when you say you’re planning a late night on the town. Be nice and give her a text to let her know you’re okay – she’ll appreciate it.

10. Worry: No matter what you’ll always be her little girl and she will always worry about you.

Sometimes we forget how tough it can be for mammies, so if it’s been a while since you had a chat with yours give her a ring today and let her know how much she means to you.